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Kristallnacht, The Night of Broken Glass

This weekend marks the 75th anniversary of Kristallnacht. For any Americans aged 30 and under reading this, I’ll wager that you were never exposed to Kristallnacht in any of your K-12 history classes.

Kristallnacht was a pogrom (a series of coordinated attacks) against Jews throughout Nazi Germany and parts of Austria on November 9th and […]


SGU-24, our flawed gem of a webcast, has come and gone. During the show, quite a few viewers were chatting on the various IM channels were calling for more, such as SGU-48 and even a few cries for SGU-72. While those exercises in insanity will never come to be, there were a few things which […]

And Also On This Date In History…

I hardly need to remind anyone that today is officially America’s Birthday – 235 years old today (or +2 days if you are in the camp that recognizes that the Declaration of Independence actually occurred on July 2, 1776). In any case, July 4th has turned out to be quite a significant date for many […]

On This Day In Science History

On April 1, 1901 a historic discovery was made by Kentucky State University Professor Simeon Fess. A professor of Native-American archaeological studies, Fess and his team unearthed the “Pawnee Lakebed” limestone carvings. Dating the site back to approximately 1400 to 1430 AD, the limestone carvings were interpreted by Fess and his colleagues to be the […]

Bishop Richard Williamson’s Holocaust Denial Continues

Has it been a year already?

Bishop Richard Williamson, the ultra-controversial clergyman whose Holocaust denial stance makes David Duke look like an amateur is still beholden to this repugnant form of revisionist history. A year ago, he gave a stunning interview in which he denies that any Jews were killed in gas chambers by The […]