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Compound Nonsense

Sometimes in the world of Woo, people will call upon pseudosciences or fantasies by introducing another pseudoscience or fantasy to help bolster their claims. For example, we’ve come across people who believe, and have written books about Bigfoot (Bigfeet) being a race of time-shifting extra terrestrials. We are also very familiar with people who consult […]

Just Because You Work For NASA …

… doesn’t mean that you are inoculated from believing in nonsense.

Take Rob Gutro for example. He is a NASA meteorologist who works as deputy news chief at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center. Part of his NASA job responsibilities are to communicate to the public the scientific work that the GSFC does on a day […]

Pseudoscience Sells

There is a cold hard fact that skeptics everywhere must deal with, and it is this: Pseudoscience sells.

Give the people, or in this case, the gullible masses what they want. Every time a Larry King interviews a psychic or a UFO nut, he’s doing it for ratings. When people want “all natural homeopathic” remedies, […]

Tired Ghost Story

Just a quick link to an article of local interest to us here in The Constitution State. Ghosts are everywhere in Connecticut, even tire stores. As the tired old saying goes: There are no haunted places, only haunted people.

(Below is the URL – the hotlink button on our wonderful blogging tool is not working […]

Ghost Runners

Baseball. The first sport I ever learned. The sport I cherished the most during my first two decades. My father spent four years of his life as a baseball beat writer for the Bridgeport Post. I used to memorize player statistics and the Major League Baseball rulebook. Baseball was my main leisure during the most […]