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More On The Busted Psychic

Just a short follow up to last Friday’s posting.  Here is the link to the New York Times’ take on Sean David Morton, the self-proclaimed “psychic” facing charges of fraud by the US Securities and Exchange Commission.

The charges are based largely on the premise that Morton claims to be psychic and used that claim to defraud [...]

Psychic Charged With Fraud

Name: Sean David Morton Occupations: scam-artist, self-proclaimed “Psychic” Crime charged with: securities fraud

From psychic Morton’s website:

Sean uses his talents and abilities to predict future occurrences and trends such as earth changes, political events and stock market fluctuations. He has an astounding “hit rate”, or percentage of successes. His extreme accuracy has led radio [...]

The Greatest Con of All Time?

It is being called several different things, from a Ponzi scheme to a pyramid scheme. One thing is certain: it is perhaps the biggest single confidence scam ever perpetrated by one man. You have probably never heard of him before, but as of last Thursday, the world knows him all too well.

His name is [...]