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The Future Is Now

“A bunch of angry smiling people were handing out these anti-evolution flyers.”

Before there was the TV show Futurama, there was The Simpsons. Sprung forth from the same genius mind of Matt Groening, the man responsible for re-defining comedy, sarcasm, and satire for an entire generation (my generation), Futurama is the perfect blend of science, […]

Evolutionary Gems from Nature

The scientific evidence for the fact of evolution is overwhelming. Stephen J. Gould, reflecting the attitude that nothing in science is certain and that all conclusions are tentative, characterized the evidence for evolution as “affirmed to such a high degree that it would be perverse to withhold one’s provisional assent.”

When the big-picture conclusions of […]

How’d it Go, Ben?

So, after all the hype and hoopla, how did Ben Stein’s propoganda snuff-film, ‘Expelled’ do at the box office? Keep in mind the following little points:

‘Expelled opened on an unprecendented 1.052 screens, the most ever for a documentary It was intensely covered by the press beforehand, given especially favorable time on the ‘fair and […]

The False Dichotomy of Intelligent Design

Reading the blogs at the Discovery Institute is always an educational experience. I’ve made it a point to regularly visit their “Evolution News & Views” blog. Evolution News & Views features a group of authors who support the notion of Intelligent Design (ID). It features op-eds and coverage of the latest happenings in the worlds […]