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The Crop Circle That Should End All Crop Circles

This is it, the best crop circle I’ve seen yet. And just the other night on television was yet another awful program about the different kinds of possible evidence of extra-terrestrial intelligence. Predictable as ever, crop circles spun their way into the equation. But what does it tell you when a rag like The [...]


I was clearing out a bunch of pictures I took on my old cell phone, and I had forgotten that I snapped these this photo last winter (went from “these” to “this” because this is an old post, and the links to the old pictures are gone, and this is the only picture from this [...]

Lying Under The Blanket of Academic Freedom

I was listening to Dr. Dean Edell’s radio show last night. How awesome is Dr. Dean? He is a fantastic radio show host and a great all-around skeptic, whose baloney detector seems to always be working, flawlessly.

Dr. Dean mentioned a recent news article in which Nicholas Kollerstrom Phd, a professor of astronomy conducting research [...]