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More Creationist Nonsense

Creationism, for me, has always been the prototypical pseudoscience. It is a textbook of logical fallacies, misinformation, distortion of fact, half-truths, and outright deception. Creationists, however, are not very imaginative and tend to recycle the same old arguments over and over. It is rare that I come across a new ridiculous argument from a creationist.


The False Dichotomy of Intelligent Design

Reading the blogs at the Discovery Institute is always an educational experience. I’ve made it a point to regularly visit their “Evolution News & Views” blog. Evolution News & Views features a group of authors who support the notion of Intelligent Design (ID). It features op-eds and coverage of the latest happenings in the worlds [...]

Junk Mail

I received a tri-fold pamphlet in the mail the other day. It is from The Geocentric Bible Foundation, Inc. of Hugoton, Kansas. The pamphlet’s title reads:

Have Scientists Been Wrong For 400 Years?

Accompanied by a picture of the Earth just below the title, it reads:

This FREE book could turn your world around. See [...]

Good News

It’s nice to know that there’s some good news out there, with cooler heads occasionally prevailing. First, as you may already know, the so-called ‘Graduate School of the Institute for Creation Research’ was denied the right to award a degree in creationism by the state of Texas. stories/042408dntexcreationscience2.917bf873.html?npc

That was April 23rd. Since [...]