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Momma Always Told Me Not To Look Into The Eyes of The Sun

(all together now …)

But Momma, That’s Where The Fun Is! Or at least that’s where The Virgin Mary is. Which I suppose, depending on your personal tastes, could be fun.

How do I know that’s where TVM is? Our friends at God Discussion tell us so. At least that is what they are suggesting […]

You Never Forget Your First Asperatus

On Friday March 12, as I was driving along a stretch of highway when a patch of large sky suddenly filled the majority of my field of vision. It was a cloudy, overcast day with very light precipitation. I stared at the sky for a moment, and in doing so, I almost drove off the […]

Obscured By Clouds

As TAM-7 approaches to within 10 days (sorry for the painful reminder for those of you that can’t make it), it seems that my to-do list is actually growing instead of shrinking, so I apologize for the short posting. But I wanted to share with you some pictures of clouds that, you’ll agree, look pretty […]