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Faster than Light? Not so Fast…

Einstein was wrong! We’ve found something that travels faster than light!

By now, the allegation of physicists at CERN has gone viral through every major news outlet. Indeed, the announcement does more than tickle the fancy; it seems to vindicate every sci-fi fan who stubbornly insisted the light-barrier would eventually be defeated. Wormholes, hyperspace, [...]

Scientists create miniature Big Bang (so, like a Small Pop)

The CERN Supercollider has a way of fading in and out of the news, probably because their spate of research doesn’t always lend itself to a sexy headline. But this week the news is big enough that it nearly eclipses the report on a cricket with the world’s largest testicles. (They account for 14 percent [...]

End of the world put on hold until Spring 2009

Last week I blogged about the many problems the LHC has encountered in the few days after the scientists at CERN turned it on. Though I’m sure it was a little more complicated that just flicking a switch in the “ON” position.

There has been a transformer failure, a computer security breach and a magnet [...]

Uhh Geneva…. we have a problem.

When you spend 13 years building the most complexe piece of engineering the world has ever seen, you don’t expect to just flip a switch and everything will work perfectly. You just sure as hell hope it does.

The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) has been online a little more than a week now and has [...]