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Trillions And Trillions

It is being reported by The Washington Post (among others) that President Barack Obama could order two platinum coins to be minted, each with a designated value of one trillion dollars. That’s $1,000,000,000,000.00 each. Or 10^12 dollars each, if you prefer.

These trillion dollar coins would have one purpose … to be deposited into the […]

Holiday Hodge Podge

“Be skeptical, or don’t. I’ve got shit to do.” – Jennifer Bernstein

My wife and I have a good laugh when we remember the first time she said these words to me. We have shared many belly laughs in our time, and this was one of those moments when, during a moment filled with real-life […]

Another Reason To Admire Carl Sagan

This past Tuesday would have been Carl Sagan’s 76th birthday. Those of us fortunate to still be alive refer to November 9th as Carl Sagan Day. Skeptics everywhere have been blogging and posting some of their favorite remembrances of Carl ranging from his earliest work as a planetary scientist, to his record setting number of […]

A Time For Remembering

It is the time of year when people’s focus turns to things religious, symbolic, materialistic, familial, bountiful, and for the most part, celebratory. For me, this week of holiday celebrations carries with it a very special reminder, one that people all over the world should never forget.

On December 20, 1996, the world mourned the […]