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Why Is This Science?


Why are claims of a bigfoot sightings in your science section? Upon cursory review (and I mean all of 10 seconds) a 5th grade science student can determine that this is nothing but a hoax – and a really lame one to boot. Blurry video at 15 feet? The cheapest cameras auto-focus in […]

Bigfoot Science

In Russia, there are about 30 authorative scientists engaged in the study of abominible snowmen. In fact, they are setting up a university resaerch institute at Kemerovo State University to study the mythical Yeti, according to The UK’s Daily Mail.

You might ask: what scientific evidence for the existence of bigfoot is the driving force […]


After a few weeks of being away due to a combination of the new website getting underway, plus several rounds of a lingering cold which turned into bronchitis, I am back in the swing of my regular Monday blogging routine. I’d like to thank the creators of azithromycin for their assistance in my recovery.

Now […]

Bigfoot Cash – How can I get me some?

Our old friend Benjamin Radford writes the “Bad Science” column for livescience. com, and his latest story has been picked up by the newswires: “Bigfoot Bounty: Reward Offered for Mysterious Monsters.” Apparently, Bushnell, the binocular maker, and “Field & Stream” magazine have teamed up to offer a $1 million prize to anyone who can bring […]