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Science or Fiction: Prehistoric UFO Cave Art

Gee, this is a tough one …

A “group of anthropologists”, apparently with no affiliation (none is offered) have stumbled upon some cave paintings depicting UFO’s and aliens, as was reported by The “Rajasthan Times” (can’t find them on-line) and picked up by the website Archaeology Daily News.

The last paragraph reads:

Local Archaeologist, Mr [...]

What an Asstronaut

What is it that makes someone an authority on UFOs? Do you have to be a “ufologist”? Do you have to have researched UFO sightings, abductions and patterns for years? Or do you just have to watch one or two UFO specials on Fox or the “History” channel?

Well no, apparently you just have to [...]

Chiropractors in Space

“300 years from now, some complete jackass is going to be taking a homeopathic remedy in a spaceship going to Pluto.”

– Jay Novella

In May of this year, the Canadian Space Agency held a recruitment campaign to find the next batch of Canadian astronauts. 5,352 candidates had registered online by the time the deadline [...]