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Lying Under The Blanket of Academic Freedom

I was listening to Dr. Dean Edell’s radio show last night. How awesome is Dr. Dean? He is a fantastic radio show host and a great all-around skeptic, whose baloney detector seems to always be working, flawlessly.

Dr. Dean mentioned a recent news article in which Nicholas Kollerstrom Phd, a professor of astronomy conducting research [...]

United Astrology Conference: Loserfest 2008

(Please note that I wrote this entry prior to realizing that Steve blogged about this yesterday. Forgive the repetitiveness of this topic, but apparently, Steve and I were both equally influenced by yesterday’s unique alignment of the planets.)

Attention all gullible and credulous people of the Earth and the Moon (rising in the 7th house, [...]

Astrology Convention in Denver

The largest Astrology convention in years, with 1500 attendees, just took place in Denver Colorado. My first reaction to reading this news story was – there are still astrologers? I mean, that’s old-school nonsense. Aren’t we done debunking astrology yet?

Seriously, I know there are still astrologers – pseudosciences being “unsinkable rubber ducks.” There are [...]