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Want To Play A Game?

Picking stocks in the stock market is both a science and an art best left to the minds of “experts”. At least that is the conventional wisdom in modern times.

“Experts” come in many forms ranging from professionals on Wall Street to astrologers consulting their charts, with a whole lot of steps in between these […]

Political Charts

To know me is to know that I am a skeptic and a political news junkie. Some might argue that I am a political animal first and a skeptical animal second. I’ve been politically conscious since I was 10 years old, while I’ve only been a skeptic since I was 26. I became friends with […]

The Solar Eclipse To End All Eclipses (for some)

The Cosmos is the sum of all existence. So many things happen within our Cosmos on scales both grand and miniscule that humans confined to earth are only able to experience first hand the merest smattering of cosmological events. One of the more captivating cosmological events is when Earth’s moon lines up in the direct […]

Does anybody know what time it is? WOO time!

Ever wish you could have some sort of device that tells you when in the day you will be unlucky? You know, something that uses astrology and combines it with a practical, everyday gadget?

Me neither. But Swiss watchmaker Borgeaud thinks otherwise.

Borgeaud has released a watch that will display a daily, 90 minute period […]

Retro Fit

Many moons ago, I was researching news items for the podcast having to do with astrology. I went to one un-particular astrology site, and signed up for free readings – simply to collect data, I assure you. Ever since I signed up, I have been receiving weekly e-mails from them, spouting their astro-babble as […]