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On This Day In Science History

On April 1, 1901 a historic discovery was made by Kentucky State University Professor Simeon Fess. A professor of Native-American archaeological studies, Fess and his team unearthed the “Pawnee Lakebed” limestone carvings. Dating the site back to approximately 1400 to 1430 AD, the limestone carvings were interpreted by Fess and his colleagues to be the [...]

Science or Fiction: Prehistoric UFO Cave Art

Gee, this is a tough one …

A “group of anthropologists”, apparently with no affiliation (none is offered) have stumbled upon some cave paintings depicting UFO’s and aliens, as was reported by The “Rajasthan Times” (can’t find them on-line) and picked up by the website Archaeology Daily News.

The last paragraph reads:

Local Archaeologist, Mr [...]