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Whence Matter?

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4 comments to Whence Matter?

  • papadopc

    More accurate measurements (ie bigger sample) of the effect shows that it probably is not real.


    Even 3 sigma statistics fail from time to time (0.25% to be exact), not necessarily through a fault of the experimenters.

    When scientists say more data is needed, they usually mean it 🙂

  • Cobey

    I don’t understand how the particle can switch between matter and anti-matter. Does it have something to do with the quark’s charges actually changing? Also, I’m blown away that they can measure something that’s happening trillions of times per second. Whoa

  • As Feynman showed: a pair of B particles can oscillate between matter & and anti-matter by oscillating back & forth in the time dimension.
    In other words: either ‘particle’ going backward and forward in time. The charges do not have to switch. Time-reversal makes them appear to so do.
    This is allowed in QM, provided that it is balanced & brief.

  • Cobey

    Yeah I remember that from QED but can you elaborate a little more on what that actually means (forward and backward in time)? Would the particle behave just like anti-matter and annihilate on contact with matter?

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