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This Weeks Internet

This week I found a few things you need to check out.

This first ones title is deceptive. This is not a hologram. It’s real-time 3D graphics that are overlaid on live video.  The cool thing about it is how the graphics merge and interact with the real objects.

This one is a nod to Mr. Carl Sagan.
I’m sure most of you know who Max Brooks is..the author of World War Z and The Zombie Survival Guide.  He wrote a very cool short story about Vampires reacting to the zombie apocolyupse.  It’s a worthwhile quick read.
If you haven’t seen our listing on XM’s site here it is.  We are on Saturdays at 8pm.

Finally here are two pics.

I’m still questioning if these pics were photoshopped….I mean..I’d like to think they are.

You ever feel like this guy?

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