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This Weeks Internet

I am both really psyched about this and a little weirded out.  When looking at it I got the feeling that it was real a couple of times.  I know that it’s not concious.  I may one day be talking to something that gives me the feeling it’s alive but it’s not.  Something seems wrong about that to me.

So..is this site a joke?  Sad that I can’t tell.  You see, the boat is actually a wormhole with a guys head coming out.

Who cant appreciate a giant pizza?

How do you think he does the candle bit?

Make a guess before he reveals what the distance is.  I was wrong too 🙂

4 comments to This Weeks Internet

  • iSicle

    I think my brain just imploded while trying to read the LHC exposed >_<

  • wb4

    To help visualize the distance between Earth and Moon, remember that you could fit 2.5 Jupiters between them. Most people are familiar with the image of Jupiter with the Great Red Spot. Earth could fit inside the Great Red Spot with a just little room to spare. Put those images together in your head.

  • iSicle

    Kind of puts you in the perspective. Though these are the delicious moments that make your jaw drop in awe and amazement.

    Thank you sir may I have another!

  • The candle bit. I’m thinking collapsible candle.

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