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The Solar Eclipse To End All Eclipses (for some)

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2 comments to The Solar Eclipse To End All Eclipses (for some)

  • Steve Page

    Unfortunately, in the UK, the general public seem to see astrology as either benign or just harmless fun. They don’t seem to recognise a) that it can cause severe distress to the gullible/easily frightened, and b) that accepting nonsense such as astrology can be viewed as a ‘gateway drug’ into more dangerous practices, such as cults, fundamentalist religions, or believing that there’s some sort of system that helps you win on “Deal Or No Deal”. 🙂

  • DLC

    I believe it was Isaac Asimov who bemoaned the fact that there were 22 magazines about astrology and only 2 focused on astronomy.

    How is it that people can write on a computer built of microprocessor chips smaller than the period at the end of a sentence, send that writing across the internet via satellite, and then when I read what it is they have written, it’s a screed claiming that astrology is right because it is ancient knowledge ? They’re willing to work with and accept technology but not the idea that ancient is not necessarily good. Why is it they do not also practice leechcraft and adjusting the body’s humors?

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