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The Fly That Attacked The Elephant

This quick blog post’s title is pretty much the only picture that forms in my head when I think about Kirk Cameron attacking Stephen Hawking for  … get this … Hawking’s personal belief that heaven is merely a “fairy story for people afraid of the dark.” I posted this news report by TMZ (which is a guilty pleasure of mine) on my Facebook page last night and it opened a mostly humorous discussion about the stark contrast of intellect between two very recognizable “celebrities”. I use the term “celebrity” lightly, because Hawking’s celebrity is based purely merit (and I’m sure he’d rather not be thought of as a celebrity), whereas Cameron’s celebrity started as a Hollywood amalgamation which he parlayed into becoming a “famous” proselytizer that can’t seem to tell the difference between science and faith.

My last Facebbok entry helps to sum up my feelings on this non-debate:

Hawking is a scientist making a personal statement. Cameron is scientifically illiterate (by reasonable measure, this is not an attack) and attacking Hawking’s personal statement by invoking a rather sloppy Straw Man (“he (Hawking) believes in the scientific impossibility that nothing created everything and that life sprang from non-life.”) This is a classic FAIL by Cameron, which is par for his course. Cameron is not only out of his league, he is out of Hawking’s Universe.

One can’t help but wonder what Cameron thinks of the coming Rapture on Saturday.

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