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Thank you Internet…You’re my only hope

Robots kick ass.   Of all the technological advancements we make robots encapsulate my love of science and progress.  Heres a list of some of the extremes:

Yesterday I found a link to a robot that can catch a ball.  I know this doesn’t sound so exciting but it’s actually an impressive feat.   It’s a combination of extremely fast software calculating speed and trajectory of a moving object and robotics.

I read a great story recently of a guy who has a roomba robotic vacuum.   In an unfortunate combination of events, his dog pooped on the floor before the roomba did its rounds.  The result was that the roomba drove over the poop consequentially smearing it across the entire floor.

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  • azinyk

    If you like robot news, you should check out As the name implies, they’re connected to Ray Kurzweil, so there’s some suspect opinions on life extension and so on, but if you ignore the editorial content, they have some great links to all the new robot developments.

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