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Skeptical Blog Anthology


Our friends over at The Young Australian Skeptics have published their first book:  Skeptical Blog Anthology.  I’m not sure I can offer a better description of the book than the YAS has already provided: 

This book is a collection of reader-​​nominated blog posts, representing the best of a new wave of online skepticism. Collected over a year, it features a plethora of posts on topics ranging from the vaccination debate, paranormal claims, the ongoing creep of creationism into politics and education, conspiracy theories, homeopathy, outreach, all kinds of alternative medicine and even attempts to tackle the question “What is skepticism?”

They’ve done quite a fine job of assembling a smattering of blog posts from some of my favorite people involved the skeptical movement.

When they contacted me a while back to inform me they were considering using one of my blog posts in their book, I was pleasantly surprised. I am not a professional blogger. It is not my primary means of outreach. (“Damn it, Jim I’m a broadcaster, not a writer!”.) So I really felt it special to even be considered as part of a book, let alone making the final cut.

Having deemed my work book-worthy, the YAS elevated me to a level alongside established, talented, and entertaining  bloggers whom I greatly admire. This is an honor, and I very much appreciate the acknowledgement.

I am a strong believer that Holocaust Denial deserves to remain near the front of our skeptical minds. It can easily get lost among the other major battlefronts against alternative medicine, paranormal beliefs, and creationism indoctrination. The efforts to refute the claims of Holocaust Deniers does not get the daily attention the other major topics receive, so the more people are reminded, the more effective we remain. It is encouraging to see that my posts about Holocaust Denial have gone recognized and publicized. (This is my first time being professionally published.) 

I encourage all SGU listeners and Rogues Gallery readers to support the efforts of the YAS by purchasing a copy of Skeptical Blog Anthology. I ask you to, once again, relive and enjoy my slap to the face of Holocaust Deniers – but this time, enjoy it in YOUR choice of traditional book form , e-book, or PDF.

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