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SGU TAM6 Update

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8 comments to SGU TAM6 Update

  • ddr

    Sounds great! My wife and I are planning on getting our tickets soon. We are looking forward to our first TAM.

  • I registered last week for my first TAM, looking forward to meeting all of you.

    – Richard, Ottawa, Canada

  • esmitt

    I am just waiting for something horrible to happen so I can’t make it. I’ve got the tickets, the registration, but after listening to The Secret, I’m sure there will be some sort of apocolyptic event caused by my negative thoughts that will bar me from attending. Friggin’ quantum physics. Oh wait, I forgot. It’s bullsh*t. Nevermind, see you there.

    Mike, Ottawa Canada (now improved with even more maple syrup)

  • Hold on. *I*’m Mike from Ottawa!

    Looking forward to meeting all of you. Except Jay. 😉

  • esmitt

    Oh yeah, forgot. Okay I’ll be Mike from Carp. By civic boundaries, I’m actually Mike from Kanata, but since consolidation, I’m really just another Mike from Ottawa. That being said, I’m closer to downtown Carp, so I’ll take that moniker for now. Jeez, this is too hard…

    Mike from Carp (your mileage may vary)

  • Mike..Canada Mike..I mean Mike from Ottawa, not to be confused with Mike from Carp who is actually from Ottawa too…Anyway…Mike you bastard, you better be looking forward to meeting me you prick..we are staying in the same room!

  • Oooh, precision. So Richard from Ottawa is, in fact, Richard from Kanata. But not “really Carp but just Kanata because of boundaries”, rather “really Kanata”.

    Looks like a good ‘najan contingent.


  • Derek the K

    New Logo, New Swag? Dammit, I just bought a new coffee mug with the old logo on it. I thought I would be hip, but now I’m just out of style again.

    That new logo better be sweet.

    Derek, (not in Ottawa, although half my income is)

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