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See Me In New York and Philly in April!

That’s right. MEEEE! Back in the US! Despite their best efforts to keep me away!

First, on Saturday, April 17 I’ll be at NECSS with James Randi, DJ Grothe, George Hrab, Steve Mirsky, and my cohosts on The Skeptics’ Guide to the Universe! The show was sold out last year but I’ve been told there are still tickets left, so go! Buy! It shall be awesome.

Then on Sunday, April 18, Sid “The Husband” Rodrigues and I will head on down to Philadelphia to have dinner with fellow Skepchick Chelsea and you. YES YOU! We’ll probably get into town around 7pm-ish and will be wanting pleasant company and drinks and foodstuffs. Last time I was in town we met at Devil’s Alley. Does that work for everyone?

Let us know in the comments if you can make it so we can warn the restaurant. Be there or else we will talk about you behind your back.

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