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New Type of Invisibility Cloak?

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3 comments to New Type of Invisibility Cloak?

  • klox

    Definitely interesting and there are obvious problems as you mention. There are a couple of things I find slightly off/interesting that I thought you might appreciate:

    First, I don’t get the impression that the calculations only work in a vacuum. In fact, the original paper goes over a second set of calculations where the background medium is non-vacuum.

    Second, the theory would only require a metamaterial to boost the speed of light faster than c IF you wanted to create this cloaking effect in a vacuum, i.e. the bank robbery. You could still have the light off the safe passing through several mediums where the light can be slowed down and sped up, all obeying modern physics principles, but it just wouldn’t look continuous to the observer.

    Third, I don’t think the clock next to the safe would keep the safe safe (yeah I went there). The idea is that you couldn’t even ‘perceive’ a time difference. The light from the clock never looks slow to the observer, which is why it is a “space-time” cloak.

    Now I would just like to go off on a semi-tangent of how I think the robbery would actually go down. It really involves just slow light. First you walk into the bank with a large thing of this material. People stare at you awkwardly, they see a ‘video’ of where the material was 10 minutes ago. You place this in front of the safe and walk away for 10 minutes. The material gets into the transient state. Then when nobody is looking, you jump over to the safe and do your thing. 9 minutes later you got the cash, you walk out nonchalant, because the safe still looks okay. At 9 minutes and 59 seconds, you active some device that cripples the meta material and the slow light scatters incoherently all over the room. Nobody saw you actually breaking into the safe, just being all awkward beforehand, and now people see the safe is empty.

    As far as a good example of the time-blip goes, I like the one at http://io9.com/5691060/spacetime-invisibility-cloaks-can-hide-entire-events-inside-temporal-voids

  • petrucio

    I don´t think you dudes are getting the complete picture here. This video explains it all:

  • klox

    Ah, classic who saves the day again. How could I forget! I’ve been going through all the episodes for the past few months too!

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