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New Skepchick Podcast Episode: Gift Guide 2008

I’m still recovering from Thanksgiving, or more specifically, spending about 24 hours total on the road. Rather than shirk my SGU Blog duties entirely, please enjoy this x-post from last night’s announcement of the 2nd Skepchick podcast episode! Hope you all had as great a weekend (minus the travel) as I had!

The second Skepchick podcast is now online! Listen on iTunes or on our Libsyn page.

This episode, we take a look at our favorite gifts to give and get this holiday season. This show includes Rebecca, A, Bug_Girl, Maria, Stacey, Jill, Elyse, and Carrie. Editing and post-production was done by A. Thanks, A!

Here are photos of and links to everything we chatted about. Happy shopping!


Caffeine Necklace


Heron Adornments

(Psst: get a 15% discount off all Heron pieces by entering the code Skepchick5 at checkout!)

Think Geek

Fractal Spin

Charity Giving

Nothing But Nets

OxFam Unwrapped

Heifer International

Spectrum Scientific

One Laptop Per Child

One Laptop per Child XO Laptop

And, of course:

Skepchick 2009 Skepdude 2009

Skepchick Calendars


OhMiBod! (NSFW!)

Finally, here’s one obvious gift outlet we missed: the Skepchick store! Whoops.

PS: Don’t forget to check out last year’s Skepchick Gift Guide for even more!

Remember, you can subscribe to the Skepchick podcast using any of your favorite tools like iTunes or Zune. For our next episode, we plan to introduce music and possibly more dirty talk, so you won’t want to miss it!

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