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Mystic Mike’s 2010 Predictions

So 2010 is here which of course means only one thing.  We now have less than two years until the end of the world. *gasp*  But don’t despair, we can make the most of the precious little time we have left here, and I can help.  You see I have trained and developped my psychic powers over the last 20 years and can now confidently say that I can predict the future with a certain amount of accuracy.  So I thought I’d help you all out and give you my predictions for 2010.  Do what you want with them, but I suggest putting money on them and making a fortune so you can enjoy your last years on this planet before it blows up in December 2012.


Let’s start with my celebrity death predictions.  As we all know, celebrity deaths come in threes and 2010 will be no different.  Our first celebrity death in early 2010 will be Billy Graham.  I see an earthquake and Billy being dragged down into the firey pit created under his feet.

A few months later the world will lose your favorite communist and mine, Fidel Castro.  This will bring about much change in Cuba in the following year.

And last, but not least, Calista Flockheart.  One day, she will disappear into thin air and 3 months later she will be declared dead.

In entertainment predictions we have James Cameron once again assuring us that he is, in fact, King of the World.  The must-read novel One Second After will be picked up and the movie will start filming in late 2010.  Guillermo Del Toro’s The Strain will also be picked up, finally giving us what we all know to be true, that vampires are NOT sparkly vegeterians.

Iron Man 2 will be an instant hit, but will not be as well reviewed as the first.  Ghostbusters 3 will finally begin production, and look for talks of a reboot of the Back to the Future franchise.

In video games, Star Trek Online will be a massive success, but will not be able to compete with World of Warcraft and will fade in our memories by the end of the year.

Speaking of WoW, I predict that the entire Rogue’s Gallery will hit level 80 in 2010 except for Rebecca.  Bob will be the first, Jay will be the last.

World Events

As far as world events, there will be earthquakes in the Pacific ocean sometime between January and December that will create large waves of water.  We will call those tsunamis.  An earthquake near Yellowstone will cause it to blow up.

There will be many terrorist attempts and one will be successful on US soil.

I predict that throughout the winter it will get colder and the days will get longer, but it will warm up again in the spring and it will be very hot by summer.


I see the anti-vax movement making more dumb moves.  That, combined with a resurgence of vaccine preventable diseases will bring about the beginning of the fall of the anti-vax movement in mid to late 2010.

We will see little change in creationism.  Although we will see some people change their opinion of Darwin once they see Creation.  I see the DiscoTute continuously failing.
TAM8 will be marked by a revitalized James Randi.  We will see Randi with more pep and energy than we have in a long time.  TAM8 will be awesome.

TAM Australia will rock down under.  Look for this to be the first in a series of TAMs in that beautiful country.

SGU Specific Predictions

You will hear more of the same and better.  Some segments will change, many will remain. More guests, but not as interviewees.  Steve will finally have a book published in late 2010.  Jay will finally do good on his bacon bet.  Evan’s humor and wit will triple in 2010 making him a favorite among fans.  And Bob will start a Science or Fiction losing streak in March the likes of which have never been seen before and will last until October.  And Rebecca will continue to surprise us by consistently rocking even harder than the previous year.

Steve will be called a bastard 36 times.  35 of those by Bob.

Our listenership will continue to grow and continue to make the SGU the best community out there.

I’ll leave you with an example of the above.  SGU listener Steve, Dr. Toonhattan from the forums recently sent us this awesome animation.

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