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London Calling

(X-posted on Skepchick…note to the SGU fans: I’m not leaving the show! Good news or bad depending upon how you feel about me. Ha…)

Tonight is my last night hosting Boston Skeptics in the Pub . . . at least for a little while. The reason, as some of you may know or guess, is that I’m going to be leaving Boston at the end of this month in search of adventure.

sidandrebeccaLast week I mentioned that I had quit my schmob, which of course was just one piece of my master plan. Yesterday, I received word that I had been granted a visa to live in the UK, meaning that I can finally reside on the same continent as my dear husband (shown at right wearing Surlyramics). I leave in less than two weeks!

Over the next several months, I plan to visit a lot of new places (adventure!). Here’s my itinerary . . . if you live near any of these places and want to hang out, please let me know! Also, if you know of any nearby skeptic meet-ups that want a speaker or just another warm body, give me the info and I’ll try to make it.

Tuesday, September 15 (That’s Tonight!)
Boston Skeptics in the Pub with Dr. Rachael Dunlop! Be there. (SitP will continue with my good friend Liz Gaston hosting, and with the help of our fellow Boston Skeptics.)

Saturday, September 26
This is my last full day in Boston, so I’m considering having a party in my newly-emptied apartment. More details on that will come as soon as I’m confident I’ll be able to empty my apartment in time.

Monday, September 28
At 7am, I’ll arrive in Iceland. I have a 9-hour layover, and will be meeting up with at least one Twitter-friend. I’d like to check out Reykjavik before relaxing at the Blue Lagoon, before hopping back over to the airport for my flight to London that evening.

Wednesday, September 30—Monday, October 5
It’s TAM London! I’m going to be at as many fringe events as possible, plus of course at the main event. I hope to be able to blog about it as I go, so you can follow along here at Skepchick or in person.

Tuesday, October 13
Singapore! I’ll be spending a few days in and around Singapore, after which I’ll be traveling around Southeast Asia with friends until October 27.

Maybe Sometime in November?
Norway! Some very cool skeptics have invited me out to Norway to speak at a meet-up or two. We’re working out the dates now—they’ve been very patient with me as I solidify my schedule.

Saturday, November 20
The week before Thanksgiving, I’ll be back in the States for Skepticon II at Missouri State University! I’m mega-excited about this, since I’ll be hanging with D.J. Grothe, P.Z. Myers, and other people without initials for first names like Joe Nickell, Dan Barker, Victor Stenger, Robert Price, and Richard Carrier. This is going to be a wonderful (and FREE) event, and I encourage you all to attend. If you can’t attend, you can still help them out by donating to help cover the costs of flying out so many awesome people (plus me).

So that’s what’s going on! There may be other places and dates added in the near future, so stay tuned.


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