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I find your lack of Skepticism disturbing

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5 comments to I find your lack of Skepticism disturbing

  • Nineteen

    I thought this was a very courteous response to the listener’s (ex-listener’s?) email. Very classy of you Jay. I wish more people on the internet handled themselves this way. Kudos!

  • gr8googlymoogly

    Excellent post, Jay. And I don’t care what Rebecca says – you are NOT the slowest Rogue… 😉

  • Skepticism is like vitamins: too little can harm you; more is better; but too much (in this case resulting in conspiracy theories) can also harm you. If “Mark” is indeed a skeptic and not just a vanilla conspiracy theorist (who as a group have hijacked the word skeptic to make themselves sound less nutty), he seems well into the megavitamin-dose range.

    As a libertarian, I do not exactly take what gov’t tells me as gospel truth. Politicians are notorious and habitual liars. That said, most of the ill effects on society that come from gov’t are typically the result of gross incompetence and faulty ideologies, rather than outright malevolence. In situations like this it’s helpful to keep in mind Carl Sagan’s statement that claims require evidence, and extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. And with regards to evidence, what the conspiracy theorists have offered up is nothing more than empty speculation.

  • Locutusbrg

    I once thought even was the most even tempered Rogue, but now I have new data and must reconsider that evaluation. Love the discussion and the clarity your argument provided.

  • pasulj

    Sorry jay but the US government has obviously faked binladen’s death so that they can use him in another attack on their own country again. An no-one will suspect that’s it’s binladen!

    I’m off to make myself a new aluminum hat 🙂

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