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Holy Shtit.

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5 comments to Holy Shtit.

  • Laura Salo

    I remember on one episode you guys talked about how Americans are sometimes so concerned about being fair (this was in the context of the ID debate), that they fail to notice when something really is wrong. Jessica may be one of these people.

    I think any religion/cult which restricts your right to gain knowledge is definitely crossing the line. There just isn’t a situation when that would be justifiable. And I will criticise any such organization as much as I want to.

    I’m so happy Gitty managed to escape.

  • Excellent post! I can tell you that most people in the mainstream Jewish community have never heard of this cult/sect. It’s important that more are made aware of this.

  • Imperius Rex

    I’d heard of this in some sects before, but there was more to it. The woman, until the rabbi checked her skivvies and gave her the go-ahead for the mikvah, she was not allowed to even hand anything to her husband. He could not even interact with his children if she was ‘unclean’. Archaic bullshit.

    If this activity was undertaken by any other type of institution it would not be tolerated by our legal system. Where is the legal line drawn for what is unnacceptable where ‘religions’ are concerned? Polygamy was OK within some Mormon sects, but the law trumped their dogma and now it just can’t legally be done. It would seem that women within the confines of this sect are relegated to second-class citizenship. I’d love to hear the legal rationale behind protecting some of these practices which seem, at the very least, gender-bias. And if the sect indoctrinates from birth, I don’t believe “they choose to live that lifestyle” is a valid defense. That would seem to eliminate the possibility of them being able to make an informed choice.

  • Totally repugnant. It amazing how some human beings can get it so so wrong.

  • MindBlown

    You nailed it, Rebecca. Cultural sensitivity and openness to differences is all well and good, up to a point. We still have to draw lines and declare some forms of behavior out of bounds. This religious group’s actions are clearly out of bounds. Members within that group need to hear other points of view, and the leadership of that group needs to know that the larger society will not tolerate their misconduct. Wacky ideas, religious or otherwise, cannot go unchecked!

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