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File -> Print Heart

One of the topics that interests me the most in science is regenerative medicine.  Basically taking a patient’s own cells and creating an organ out of that material for transplant.  An ideal situation for any transplant patient.

From what I understand anti-rejection medications are not fun to take at all.  Sure you live longer with a new organ, which is great, but the side-effects of these meds are difficult to live with.  Having a transplanted organ made from one’s own cells removes the need for anti-rejection medication because the new organ is not made of foreign cells.  The immune system won’t attack it.

Here is a video from TED with Dr. Anthony Atala that describes where we are today in the realm of regenerative medicine.

I really hope that this becomes a reality within the next couple of decades.  Or at least before I need that new heart.

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  • DLC

    Now if that isn’t cool, I don’t know what is.
    they made a kidney.
    (*non-functional kidney intended only for research purposes. your mileage may vary, supplies are limited, void where prohibited. )

    Thanks for showing this around, Mike.

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