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6 comments to Double-Crossed

  • Muero

    Is there any way you could post the full size images? The pictures are shown so small that I can’t even see anything anomalous that would need an explanation.

  • KeithJM

    Back in the old days (say, the late 90’s) it was common to use radio transmitters on the ground as a navigation source. I used to live near one in North Texas, and it was common to see con trails crossing (or appearing to do so from the ground) over it because lots of jets used it to navigate.

    I don’t know all of the conditions necessary to create con trails, but major airports also have a handful of routes that they require incoming and outgoing airplanes to follow. Flying into and out of National Airport in DC, for instance, requires that you fly over the Potomac (because you can’t fly over much of DC and you can’t fly over the Pentagon or several of the military bases in the area). So there are several reasons why planes would follow the same routes.

  • bigjohn756

    Contrails! These are clearly chemtrails. I hope you suffered no adverse effects from them, Evan.

  • petrucio

    To Muero (and anyone else it may concern):

    Those images are not scaled down on the server, they are just shown smaller, but you can easily see the originals by right-clicking on the image and choosing “Show Image” on Firefox.

  • The Blind Watchmaker

    I live in south-east Michigan, near Detroit. Selfridge Air Force Base is not too far away.

    On 9/12/01 am, the sky was clear without any straight vapor trails. However there were several circular vapor trails over the entire region from fighter jets circling (I am assuming that was what they were from).

    I remember the eerie feeling that you describe above on that day.

  • Jesus & Mo playing Tic-tac-toe!

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