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Coming Soon! ‘The Long Run’

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8 comments to Coming Soon! ‘The Long Run’

  • Drumble

    I, for one, am looking forward to this. I have always felt woefully ignorant of all things finance.

    Perhaps you could give your thoughts on Joe Dominguez’s “Your Money or Your Life” at some point? It’s the only personal finance book I’ve ever read, which was back before I was a skeptic. Even back then, the testimonials and self-help vibe left a bad taste in my mouth. The actual advice seemed plausible enough though.

  • Jon Blumenfeld

    Just looking at what’s available on about the Dominguez book, it looks like the advice in there is pretty good, though couched in a California-pseudo-spiritual ‘life energy’ way that I personally find annoying.

    The keys there: Spend less, track your money, try to be satisfied with work instead of stressing about it all the time. Then, take the money you’ve saved and invest it in Treasury securities. The dividends will start making up for the investment you’ve made, and eventually they’ll ‘cross over’ and start paying you more than you’re putting it – and at the same time, you’ll be building wealth.

    Not the worst plan I’ve ever seen.

  • Maseca

    I love this idea! I’m a financial news junkie and the amount of pure, unadulterated crap that’s reported out there is astounding.

  • dcardani

    I can’t wait to check it out! I don’t envy you, though. Just given the emotion of the discussion of one random comment Penn Gillette made at TAM on the Skepchick blog, I imagine you’ll be getting a lot of comments about whatever you write. Good luck!

  • Jon Blumenfeld

    Well, I don’t think the blog is going to feature the kind of off-the-cuff hardcore libertarianism that P&T are known for. We’re unlikely to have one-line blog posts that say things like ‘get rid of public schools’ or ‘give everybody guns’ or ‘free rhinoplasty for all.’ At least not without some kind of analysis attached.

    However, I know what you mean – I got into some pretty intense discussions about technical analysis after I called it pseudoscience on the podcast.

    Still, responsible opposing viewpoints and all that…

  • alexjbutterfield

    I used to read a website in the UK called in fact I still get the newsletter even though I now live in the US. It wasn’t skeptical just generally thrifty- maybe worth a look.

  • floogster

    I’m excited to see this! I think it’s a fantastic idea, and I hope to learn something from it, knowing next to nothing about finance myself.

  • Adrian

    “I know what you’re thinking: Finally!”

    Since the URL hasn’t materialized, I’m thinking “what’s the hold up.” Maybe I’ll think “Finally” when, after lots of hype, the blog materializes :)

    There are already a lot of sites that bill themselves as financial sceptics and few of them live up to the hype. Most content themselves with attacking the BS in others without presenting any positive, helpful claims themselves. Even worse, they see nonsense clearly in others but are blind to it in themselves. (I’m thinking of you, Niederhoffer.) It will be interesting to see how this one distinguishes itself.

    Good luck.

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