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Cat Child Found in Cave!

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7 comments to Cat Child Found in Cave!

  • durnett

    I have been experimenting with adapting feline vision for humans. Briefly, my method involves strapping a cat to my head.

    So far, the only measurable benefit has been a set of cool scars on my face and head.

  • dcardani

    durnett – did it have the side effect of getting you mistaken for Rod Blagojevich?

  • durnett

    dcardini – There was no confusion. My cat was still alive.

  • mikekoz68

    “the cat gives up the ability to focus on near objects and the handy tool of depth perception.’- I never knew that but it explains why my cat could never find small pieces of food that I’d put right under his nose and he’d be sniffing all around trying to find it! I owe him an apology, I just assumed he was stupid.

  • irishjazz

    “More likely? It’s a hoax propagated by a poor family looking to make a quick profit by selling a cheap parlor trick to a laughably gullible journalist.”

    Given the Sun’s strict adherence to the highest standards of tabloid journalism, I think it is unlikely that the reporter was as much gullible as cynically hungry to fill space. As in- “Vikki baby, we got another ad for the Brittany Spears IQ test. See if you can whip up 350 words on this catboy thing.”

  • skepacabra

    Damn. I was hoping The Sun had found the next super-villain since Dr. Dino is in prison and The Legion of Doom (Indigo Mom, Spoon Bender, Dr. Oz and Health Ranger) are in their declining years.

  • The Blind Watchmaker

    Let’s see him. Next…On Oprah!

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