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Bigfoot Reveal and Thoughts on Violence

X-posted on Skepchick

Last month, I posted about this obviously fake bigfoot video. Well, it wasn’t just obvious to me because of the quality, but because the creator asked me to post about it. It was done by Skeptically Pwnd, the same crew who did the video with John Edward getting kicked in the nuts.

The Pwners just posted the reveal, and they claim that Tom Biscardi contacted them to view the footage. (I say “they claim” because they don’t post the details or correspondence, just to be clear.) Here’s the amusing follow-up video:

After the jump, this post takes a right-turn into another topic entirely: male-on-female violence.

Skeptically Pwned also did a video about Jenny McCarthy, but I had a long internal debate about it and never posted it. The reason? Because a male fake-kicking a male asshole in the crotch made me laugh, but a male repeatedly fake-kicking a female asshole in the crotch and then tazing her made me wince and think about glorifying violence toward women. Amanda summed it up nicely in a parenthetical aside about another subject entirely in this post on Pandagon:

(The comments he pulls out mostly seemed to me to be from women trying to articulate why male-on-female violence stirs a deeper ickiness inside us than male-on-male or even female-on-male, and instead of simply suggesting that it’s because it shines a light on a form of hierarchy-reinforcing that usually takes place in the dark so that it can be denied, they try to suggest that men hitting women is inherently worse than other forms of violence. It’s not, of course. But it it occupies a different cultural space, because it so often is about reinforcing one group’s dominance over the other.)

So, yeah. A part of me feels bad about laughing at any kind of violence, though I think the John Edward video (and especially the Bigfoot video) is over-the-top cartoony enough to get past the “ickiness.” Had they beaten Edward to a bloody pulp with a tire iron, it wouldn’t be funny. The McCarthy one is just too close to reality to avoid the ickiness.

Do you get the same feeling?

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