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Automating Science

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3 comments to Automating Science

  • larry coon

    Bob, you said they fed random inputs to the system and (expectedly) found nothing. Do the people at Cornell see any potential application to cryptanalysis? You have data that appear to be -nearly- random (degree of entropy of 99.99-plus percent), but aren’t random at all. I’d imagine that this sort of application simply isn’t amenable to a heuristic algorithm, but what do they think?

  • John Powell

    The Singularity draws nearer…

  • Very cool, Bob. I had previously done a piece on Adam, but your post adds some interesting new details. I wonder what implications this could have for pseudoscience as well as science: an automated paranormal researcher with no belief or skepticism about psi…There’s no way that anyone could invoke the experimenter effect special plead. I’ll admit it wouldn’t be too popular for long with its organic colleagues, as it wouldn’t try to cover its ass over negative test results by employing flawed statistics and logical fallacies as the humans would, likely making its use in that field short-lived. Sigh…

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