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Atheist Days (Plus, Panic at Skepchick HQ)

I swear I was going to have a post today all full of delicious skeptical content, but this morning my MacBook’s hard drive apparently went kaput, making an awful clicking death rattle. I’m distraught and unable to focus on anything other than getting this fixed, because as many of you know, that laptop is the heart of Skepchick. Without it, I’ll be forced to go back to my pre-Skepchick days of just being quietly skeptical in my head while actually performing physical activities outside in the real world. Perish the thought!

So, this post will be dedicated to one final push for all you nonbelievers to register for Atheist Days, a three-day festival taking place in Strasburg, Virginia, August 15-17. The organizers really need people to sign up in the next few days, so get to it people! I’m ordering my ticket today, and I can’t wait to spend a weekend hanging out on a beach with a bunch of heathens listening to good music. Woo hoo!

3 comments to Atheist Days (Plus, Panic at Skepchick HQ)

  • Nigel

    I hate to sound like my dad, and the I.T. guy at work, but you need to back your stuff up.

  • mat alford

    Perry did tell you not to get a Mac!

  • Adam L

    Macs and PCs alike all use the same basic stuff on the inside. Laptop drives are notoriously failure-prone due to the constant movement.

    On the plus-side it’s never been a better time to do regular backups on the Mac platform. USB hard drives are very cheap and Time Machine is dead simple.

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