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Any Monkey Worth His Salt

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3 comments to Any Monkey Worth His Salt

  • mrwilson41

    Wonderful post, Mike. This make me want to go back to the older episodes and listen to Perry again. I wonder if you have an affinity for the monkey side since you, like the rest of us, have a common ancestor.

  • Chew

    My favorite Perry quotes:
    From the discussion on robot rights:

    Jay: “What do you think, Steve?”

    Steve: “I don’t think that we should make self-replicating, fully-automated, self-aware robots, otherwise, we’re just asking for the Matrix. We’re just asking for the robot take-over of human civilization.”

    Perry: “Have I wandered into a science fiction convention? What are you people talking about?”

    Rebecca: “I can’t believe I’m on Perry’s side on this but you guys are all freaks.”

    The discussion on Alcor:

    Steve: “I’d be willing to take that chance to wake up in some fantastic, far-technological future.”

    Evan: “Wake in some post-apocalyptic hell.”

    Perry: “We’ve thawed out another one for dinner.”

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