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Any Monkey Worth His Salt

It’s been a while since this has been brought up, but the most important debate in SGU history seems to have been left unresolved. Started over 5 years ago during episode 42 of the Skeptics’ Guide, the famous debate began between Steve and Perry when Steve started talking about birds and Perry famously said:

Oh will you stop already with the birds... please...

In that same episode, the official debate began…

The debate begins...

Ostracizing the ostriches… good job Steve.

Episode 42’s Science or Fiction had an item about dolphins being very intelligent creatures, to which Perry replied:

Dolphins and Monkeys...

Eleven episodes later and the debate raged on..

The debate continues...

That last part of the debate gave us one of the most famous lines in SGU history..

Any monkey worth his salt...

Later in that episode…

Later in episode 53...

Five weeks later.

Episode 58

The Monkey/Bird debate came up again in episode 62 and gave yet another line that will live as one of the most famous SGU lines..

Episode 62

Here’s that famous line again

I have monkeys..

And one more time, with Steve’s comment, because it’s so damn awesome:

.. in my pants.

And finally in episode 76, Perry put the final nail in the coffin with scientific proof that monkeys can beat up birds. And the debate settled with monkeys on top.

Audio proof

A few things reminded me of this famous period in SGU history this week. First, about a week and a half ago, Steve posted on this very blog a post all about birds, more specifically, raptors. I am personally on the monkey side of the monkey/bird debate and thought that this couldn’t go unanswered. Rogues’ Gallery felt like it was leaning too much on the bird side. I got worried.

Second, I saw Rise of the Planet of the Apes this weekend and very much enjoyed it. The CGI apes in that movie are absolutely amazing. So far it deserves every special effect award that can be thrown at it. And Andy Serkis did an amazing job. That guy deserves an Oscar. You want to know how tough monkeys (yeah.. i know.. apes) can be? See that movie.

And finally, and by far most importantly, tomorrow is the anniversary of Perry’s passing. And next week would have been his birthday.  He would have been 48. I know he had a special place in his heart for this monkey/bird debate and I thought I’d post this up in his memory. During the last TAM while we were in Steve’s hotel room prepping for the next day’s live show,  we took a few minutes and listened to some of Perry’s funnier moments on the SGU. It was great to listen to Perry again with the rogues. Next week I’ll post some of those clips up, so stay tuned.

Monkeys all the way Perry

3 comments to Any Monkey Worth His Salt

  • mrwilson41

    Wonderful post, Mike. This make me want to go back to the older episodes and listen to Perry again. I wonder if you have an affinity for the monkey side since you, like the rest of us, have a common ancestor.

  • Chew

    My favorite Perry quotes:
    From the discussion on robot rights:

    Jay: “What do you think, Steve?”

    Steve: “I don’t think that we should make self-replicating, fully-automated, self-aware robots, otherwise, we’re just asking for the Matrix. We’re just asking for the robot take-over of human civilization.”

    Perry: “Have I wandered into a science fiction convention? What are you people talking about?”

    Rebecca: “I can’t believe I’m on Perry’s side on this but you guys are all freaks.”

    The discussion on Alcor:

    Steve: “I’d be willing to take that chance to wake up in some fantastic, far-technological future.”

    Evan: “Wake in some post-apocalyptic hell.”

    Perry: “We’ve thawed out another one for dinner.”

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