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Amityville Horror House for Sale

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5 comments to Amityville Horror House for Sale

  • Drum Billet

    Why is it that even though I have no belief in ghosts, I would feel extremely uneasy staying in that house?

    Would you be happy to live there?

  • I think I’d be the same. Always have that weird feeling stuck in the back of my head.

    I’d make a business out of it. Make one of the rooms a theatre and have showings of the movie. Then charge people to stay overnight in an “authentic haunted house”. Maybe rig some scary stuff. 🙂 It would be huge around halloween.

  • ZOMG,WANT!!! Want, want, want! This is the first thing I’m buying when I discover that I’m independently wealthy. What an absolutely beautiful house and property!! So much room for bookcases… 🙂 Granted, something gruesome and awful happened there, but what better way to honor life than to LIVE in such a house?

  • Yeah it’s definitely a great property. By the river, boathouse and all. Price is a little steep, but like I said, I’d figure out how to use it to make some money from its fame.

    Imagine the halloween parties one could have in there. Right Bob? 🙂

  • What a great place for a Skeptical Society headquarters! Maybe Randi could make it the JREF Northeast…

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