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Amityville Horror House for Sale

I’ve heard people claim that if a house is considered haunted, that it will drive its value down.  I have a feeling that the opposite is true for this famous piece of real-estate:

It's haunted.... haaauunnntteeddd!!!

For only 1.15 million dollars USD you can own a piece of paranormal history. This Dutch Colonial house is in Amityville on the south shore of Long Island, NY and is the place where the events of “The Amityville Horror” allegedly took place.

According to the story, in 1975 George and Kathleen Lutz moved into the property where just over a year earlier, the previous owner shot and killed six members of his family.  28 days later, the Lutzes moved out claiming to have been victims of horrible paranormal phenomena.  Their story is told in the book “The Amityville Horror: A True Story” written by Jay Anson.  And of course, out of this came the popular “Amityville Horror” movie, a remake, and a host of really shitty sequels.

 In 1976, the well known husband and wife demonologist team of Ed and Lorraine Warren investigated the Amityville Horror house with a crew from a local news station.  They took infra-red time-lapse photos of the house and came up with this beauty.  They claim it’s a “demonic boy” with glowing red eyes standing at the foot of the staircase.  Looks like a bad case of the red-eye effect to me.

If you’re interested in the Warrens, I suggest you check out an article written in 1997 by Perry and Steve for the New England Journal of Skepticism.  It’s good stuff.  And also have a listen at SGU episode 35.

5 comments to Amityville Horror House for Sale

  • Drum Billet

    Why is it that even though I have no belief in ghosts, I would feel extremely uneasy staying in that house?

    Would you be happy to live there?

  • I think I’d be the same. Always have that weird feeling stuck in the back of my head.

    I’d make a business out of it. Make one of the rooms a theatre and have showings of the movie. Then charge people to stay overnight in an “authentic haunted house”. Maybe rig some scary stuff. 🙂 It would be huge around halloween.

  • ZOMG,WANT!!! Want, want, want! This is the first thing I’m buying when I discover that I’m independently wealthy. What an absolutely beautiful house and property!! So much room for bookcases… 🙂 Granted, something gruesome and awful happened there, but what better way to honor life than to LIVE in such a house?

  • Yeah it’s definitely a great property. By the river, boathouse and all. Price is a little steep, but like I said, I’d figure out how to use it to make some money from its fame.

    Imagine the halloween parties one could have in there. Right Bob? 🙂

  • What a great place for a Skeptical Society headquarters! Maybe Randi could make it the JREF Northeast…

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