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A Very Special Skepchick War on Christmas

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3 comments to A Very Special Skepchick War on Christmas

  • irishjazz

    Just the perfect thing to feel all Christmas-ey. Best wishes for the imaginary holiday season.

  • I’m a new sceptic, used to be a Jehovah’s Witness long ago. I was sent this link from my bro who is still one.
    It’s a video on the origins of Christmas. not made by the JW. I think it is a distorted view of the true facts. Please check it out I would like to have some sceptic analyses of it. Can you spot all the logical fallacies?

  • James01

    You have raving reviews on iTunes Australia :P

    “A joke and not in the best taste. Why women getting loudly intoxicated for their own amusement is featured in a ‘social sciences’ category is beyond me. This is embarrassing and poor role-modelling for anyone who associates it with ‘getting into science’. Avoid.”

    Is the first episode really that bad? I just listened to the preview on iTunes, and I have to agree, it does not belong in the ‘social sciences’ section!

    I might skip that one

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