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A Very Special Skepchick War on Christmas

Here’s the latest Skepchick podcast info, with many familiar voices!

The Skepchicks discuss the War on Christmas, with special guest appearances by Amanda Marcotte of Pandagon.net, Derek Colanduno of Skepticality, Richard Saunders of Skeptic Zone, Hemant “Friendly Atheist” Mehta, Christian Walters, Phil “The Bad Astronomer” Plait, Tim Farley of What’s The Harm, YouTube sensation Captain Disillusion, Dr. Rachie of Skeptic Zone, and Brian Thompson of Amateur Scientist.

. . . with a special final essay from Skepchick’s own Sam Ogden.

Santa is a Lie is written and performed by Peter Kovacs. Vocals and all instruments but drums by Peter Kovacs. Drums and production by Steve Goodie.

Listen (and subscribe!) on iTunes or download directly by clicking below:

3 comments to A Very Special Skepchick War on Christmas

  • irishjazz

    Just the perfect thing to feel all Christmas-ey. Best wishes for the imaginary holiday season.

  • I’m a new sceptic, used to be a Jehovah’s Witness long ago. I was sent this link from my bro who is still one. http://tellingthetruth.50webs.com/4-4.html
    It’s a video on the origins of Christmas. not made by the JW. I think it is a distorted view of the true facts. Please check it out I would like to have some sceptic analyses of it. Can you spot all the logical fallacies?

  • James01

    You have raving reviews on iTunes Australia 😛

    “A joke and not in the best taste. Why women getting loudly intoxicated for their own amusement is featured in a ‘social sciences’ category is beyond me. This is embarrassing and poor role-modelling for anyone who associates it with ‘getting into science’. Avoid.”

    Is the first episode really that bad? I just listened to the preview on iTunes, and I have to agree, it does not belong in the ‘social sciences’ section!

    I might skip that one

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