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SGU Bloopers – Together they form Voltron!

I’ve been working with the rogues behind the scenes for a few years now, and one of my tasks has (had) been to convert the raw audio tracks into SGU 5×5 episodes.  During that time I took it upon myself to grab out some funny behind the scenes clips that never made it to the final podcast.

Here’s a clip that happened during a recording of 5×5 in December of 2009.

For those of you who are wondering, 5×5 isn’t gone.  It’s actually going to make a comeback very, very soon.  So stay tuned.  I will be doing the edits so I’ll be posting some more clips on here as they come in.

6 comments to SGU Bloopers – Together they form Voltron!

  • Thanks, Mike. Glad to hear 5×5 is resuming. I’ve left it in my iTunes podcast all this time for that very eventuality. Cheers!

  • Yeah I’ve been bugging the guys to bring it back for a while now. They finally listened to me. That’s right, I’m taking all the credit. 😉

  • jiuguizi

    Does that mean the chemtrails episode is coming back? It’s been a broken link in the feed since I discovered the podcast.

  • Weird. That file seems to have disappeared from the server. I’ll get my hand on a copy and put it back in its place. You should be able to access it within 24 hours. Sorry about that.

  • Problem solved. The feed for #89 – Chemtrails should work now. Enjoy.

    And I was in this one, I can’t believe the world was deprived of a piece of my awesomeness for so long! 😉

  • jiuguizi

    Hooray, more of my favorite non-existent aerial phenomenon. Where’s my spray gun of vinegar?

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