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Classic SGU Bits – Billions and Bacon

The Skeptics’ Guide has been around for over 5 years now.  And there have been many funny bits and quotes.  I gave an overview of the famous Monkey/Bird debate last week.  And, as promised, here are some more funny SGU moments from the first two years.


Bob is known for many things, most recently at TAM 9 he gave us a live impression of Jar Jar Binks after losing the science or fiction challenge to Rebecca.   You can listen to episode 314 to get that audio.  But early on Bob was known for his extravagant spending.  He constantly advised whoever was listening that “billions of dollars” need to be poured in the latest scientific breakthrough.  Here’s the first instance of that:

Episode 32: Billions!

Later, Bob decided to use fixed amounts.  Here, he starts off “small” at 3 billion dollars:

Episode 68: 3 Billion

Later in stat same episode, after having spent $3 billion of his own money, he offers Bill Gates’ money, $10 billion to be exact:

Episode 68: $10,000,000,000

2 weeks later, Steve decided that Bob spent enough billions and finally calls him on it:

Episode 71: Steve calls Bob out

The Bacon Bet

Early on Jay professed his love for bacon.  One science or fiction item that turned out to be true was that healthy bacon with Omega-3 could become a reality.  Jay agreed that if healthy bacon became available, he would eat 10 pounds of it in one day.  Here’s the edited version of that bet:

The Bacon Bet

Two episodes later, Jay once agrees to the bet:

Bacon Bet - Verbal contract signed

Jay assures everyone that he’s ready for his bacon:

Getting hungry

I did a little research, and found Prairie Orchard Farms.  Bring on the bacon.

That’s it for this week.  I’m enjoying doing these so I’ll probably do another like this next week. 







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