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When Good Science Meets Good Journalism

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3 comments to When Good Science Meets Good Journalism

  • Did you ask him why he didn’t call The NESS?

  • Muero

    Correct plural of UFO: UFOs

    Correct possessive of UFO: UFO’s

    Incorrect plural of UFO: UFO’s

    Did anybody else watch that (mostly) terrible “special” on UFOs on at 10 PM on ABC tonight? There was a little skepticism, but the overall direction of the show was “there are so many sightings, some must be true.” It was a very bad sign when they mentioned the Phoenix Lights in the first few minutes. I was surprised Neil deGrasse Tyson agreed to be interviewed for it.

  • alexjbutterfield

    It’s actually accepted to use an apostrophe to pluralize acronyms, although I tend not to myself. (perhaps because an acronym is a form of contraction)

    So I wouldn’t worry too much about it. I would worry about those rising seal levels, though.

    Interesting article, Evan. Perhaps Katz would make for a good guest on the podcast.

    I know an inciting article like Katz’s will bring them out of the woodwork, but I was surprised at how many believe this stuff.

    “Look at the evidence!!!” they shout.

    I went to Roswell (on my way to see Tombstone), and they have museums about this stuff. The best exhibit was the X-Files posters. It was literally the most pathetic thing I have ever seen.

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