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The University of Celebrity

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2 comments to The University of Celebrity

  • dcardani

    I agree, her article was wonderful!

    I’m just curious, did you intentionally misspell “illiterate” not once but twice in the third paragraph? Because I have to admit, it’s kind of funny.

  • GHcool

    As somebody who works in the film/tv industry, I slightly disagree with Dr. Novella’s description of politics on set. It is true that the person with the most clout in the business (a Jim Carrey, for example) ought not to be contradicted while on set. However, this mostly applies to orders related to efficiency or comfort while working. In that sense, it is akin to the military. While it is considered unprofessional to contradict higher ranking folks in general while working on set, controversial truth claims are generally not made on set by anyone including “the brass.” Occasionally it will happen (for example, a famous actor might give copies of Dianetics to crew members as a “thank you gift”), but the appropriate response is to smile and nod and keep your thoughts to yourself. Nobody is forced or demanded to give serious consideration to controversial claims.

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