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Fight Fire with Fire

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6 comments to Fight Fire with Fire

  • royourboat

    I have never before heard of a celebrity who defended science so well and admit that she is not an authority in science. I do agree that science should not be tread by celebrities (unless they know the hardcore facts) but this was a good treat. Nice pic btw.

  • Amichaels

    It was definitely nice to see a celebrity defend science and rational thinking so articulately. She made the interviewer look like a moron. I think the thing about the segment that annoyed me the most was the moronic nature of the rest of the piece. I wish they would have cut out the narrative bit and any mention or showing of Jenny McCarthy and given Amanda Peet more time.

  • Jon Blumenfeld

    This ‘debate’ reminds me of creation/evolution. There is no ‘debate’ on that topic anymore than there is a ‘debate’ on vaccines. There’s just a handful of motivated people, in this case with very high profiles, saying there’s a debate, and idiots like the crew of GMA buy their story hook, line, and sinker. Very frustrating.

  • Amichaels

    I had to force myself to watch long enough to even see Amanda Peet. The intro was just terrible. The tone overall reminded me why I don’t want shows like GMA or local news networks anymore.

  • A celebrity showdown! Clearly the best way to resolve scientific and medical issues. Ugh.

  • Mark Entel

    The worst part of that TV spot is that the short interview with the doctor speaking about how the small population of children put at risk from vaccines is cut so it appears she is talking about ‘toxins’ or autism, rather than the actual risks that do exist for a small population of people!! That is terrible journalism & appears to be intentionally muddying the waters to justify the extended press that anti-vaccine activists get. Pretty shoddy journalism…oh wait, I’m sure Dr. Novella would tell us it is merely a fluff piece & so no journalists need apply.

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