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Cosmos 2.0

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3 comments to Cosmos 2.0

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  • Bear

    I completely agree with your statements about the historical context of Cosmos, Evan. One of the things that I made sure to drive home to my children when we have watched Cosmos, is that when I was a child, the United States was embroiled in the Cold War. Carl Sagan made certain that understanding our status on this pale, blue dot was a large part of Cosmos. It reveled in and celebrated our accomplishments while marking the edge of the precipice on which we balanced. We could lose this all so easily; nothing of what we’ve done is assured to continue.

    That threat still exists. If we take our future as a species, as a people to be destiny, then we risk losing all of it to our hubris. The danger of nuclear war is still great. There are more countries with the tools to destroy our world than when Cosmos first aired. Yet simultaneously, we have much, much more to celebrate since even Ann and Carl’s updates on the science of Cosmos were released on DVD.

    It is my sincere hope that Mr. MacFarlane understands this, and more importantly, can articulate it to FOX and make them see the import of holding true to the dual aspects of Cosmos, as both cautionary tale and celebrant of our shared history of exploration.

  • DLC

    whoah. . . Neil DeGrasse Tyson, hosting Cosmos, as visualized by Seth McFarlane ? this could be weird and new… or a disaster waiting to happen.
    I’ll hope for the former.

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