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Therapeutically Touching Nurses

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3 comments to Therapeutically Touching Nurses

  • irishjazz

    This reminds me of the story of when we thought our housepainters let the dog out. It turned out he was just lounging under the bed in the guest room.

    Hey, you’re Canadian- very beautiful, very polite country, wonderful people, great public spaces. All that niceness doesn’t come for free. And at least the worthless courses are keeping the nurses off the street where they could be hanging out with hockey players, learning the odd rules of Canadian football, and stepping from doughnut shop to doughnut shop without ever touching foot on unglazed, un-powdered, un-jelly-filled earth.

  • Alan Sokal has a good section on Therapeutic Touch in his recent book, Beyond the Hoax. He goes into the history of the pseudoscience and fisks the stolen-from-physics jargon used to “justify” its claims. It’s the sort of thing which would be quite funny, if you didn’t keep thinking, “Somebody could die because their medical caregiver believes this crap.”

  • While BS like naturopathy and chiropractic are rampant in Canada, it does seem that provincial health care keeps these crap treatments out of hospitals. The stance of the CNO seems to be a bit too wishy-washy, though. It’s basically saying to stay out of it, but I guess that’s all you could expect.

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