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The Cut and Paste Gish Gallop

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4 comments to The Cut and Paste Gish Gallop

  • bigjohn756

    “out-way”? Maybe he means “way out, man” Really, it’s outweigh.

    Also, it’s ‘sheer volume’, not ‘shear volume’.

  • irishjazz

    A very informative blog entry.

    My only, slight disagreement is the characterization as Gish as an excellent debater.

    In my brush with serious forensics, it was necessary to know both sides of an argument and to master both. What Gish has mastered is a one-sided firehose tactic that creates the illusion of credibility in front of audiences that are, at best, polarized. It works in that setting, but it isn’t really debating.

  • John Powell

    We really need a “Statistical Abuse Hotline.”

    Great post!

  • Agreed, great post. I’ve long been exasperated by the cut and paste brigade.

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